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The Myths of School Evacuations

The Myth of Evacuations    Often, we see an evacuation drill done in conjunction with a fire drill. These are simple, pull the alarm and everyone lines up outside and a head count is done. The problem with this approach is that staff may equate the term evacuation with that simple drill. Evacuations can be quite […]

Great training in Los Angeles!

Had a chance to work with Greg Hartman, one of my instructors in LA.  How cool it is to see someone come out and teach your course.  He is an excellent trainer and has an honest desire to help teachers help our kids learn better!

Sports, no longer the educator of character.

I once thought that my coaches were the most powerful people in the world. I also used to think that being an athlete, especially in school, brought with it extra expectations of behavior and conduct when in the public representing my school or team. The idea used to be that athletics can build character, help […]