Eric Combs Author, motivational speaker, educator and decorated veteran. Learn how a life of military service uniquely prepared Eric for the struggles and challenges of teaching in the K-12 institution. Contact Eric Today
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Keynote Presentations

DSC_3490As a Keynote Speaker

Eric provides audiences of 10 to over 8,000 with engaging, motivating and captivating presentations guaranteed to energize your organization and celebrate their successes and expertise. Eric transports audiences on an intellectual and emotional journey using both comedy and commonsense as his medium. “We are very much social creatures.. While immense amounts of learning can be found in books and on the internet, we gain inspiration.. social relevance and a feeling of community, from the words of others.”

Eric Combs provides CEO’s, school administrators and educators with the tools, delivery and approach to understanding why change is necessary, how to enable change in their organization (how to be the change maker), and how to become an inspired advocate for change.

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Mission Critical

Mission Critical is the new book by award-winning educator and writer Eric A. Combs, in which he shares his experiences and frustrations from within the American public school system. He recounts riveting stories as a successful military Senior Non-Commissioned Officer who retires from the service and enters the challenging world of public education. Combs discovers a dangerously-broken system, barely held together by hard-working teachers, parents and administrators. These frustrated factions must work together, dealing with the constant ebb and flow of unpredictable political whims while, at the same time, providing a challenging and rewarding education for the leaders of tomorrow.

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Why Eric Combs


Courses and Seminars

Courses offer strategies for classrooms, buildings and districts to change the approach to discipline to save instructional time, reduce referrals and help students learn to change their behaviors rather than simply punishing them.

Strategies and Tactics

One of the key principals in the successful execution of war is understanding Strategy and Tactics. The Classroom is now our battleground against ignorance and complacency. Learn the difference from Eric Combs.


Read the enthusiastic and supportive testimonials to the virtues of Mr. Combs’ presentation, and inspiring delivery and message.

Classroom Management

Eric Comb’s “Classroom Management for Secondary Teachers—Take Your Classroom Back” ranked in Top Ten by Kappa Delta Pi.


“I joined KDP as a new member last spring and the Classroom Management Webinar on 9/19/12 with Mr. Eric Combs was my first Webinar experience. I am grateful that I registered for the program and found it to be very informative and helpful in my career as a substitute teacher dealing with mostly classroom management issues when I substitute teach. I was very impressed with the presentation and learned a lot from the question and answer portion of the program. The presentation was very practical and honestly, I learned more about teaching and kids during that hour and 15 minutes than in all of my education classes in college combined.r”Justin NeideighKDP
“Your high energy, closing keynote address was the highlight of the entire Symposium for many attendees. You serve as an inspiration to everyone who works diligently to accomplish the missions of “Educating America’s Service Members Any Place, Any Time.””Jeffrey P. Cropsey, Ed.D. DirectorDefense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES
“There’s a good reason why Eric Combs was named Ohio Teacher of the Year. He is knowledgeable, energetic (and entertaining too), and he brings a wealth of information to the classroom based on his unique perspective, his distinctive preparation and his military experiences. He is the true definition of a non-traditional teacher, since he was prepared through an Alternative Certification program in Ohio and the Troops to Teachers program.”Barbara Culpepper, Lead Program AdvisorADE Non-Traditional Licensure Program Arkansas Department of Education
“Awesome! Absolutely awesome! In the past decade we’ve been trying to re-infuse our conference with energy and excitement, your keynote was the very best. You were also our very first standing ovation! Thanks so much for Enlightening our staff and setting our conference down a great path.”NancyAVECO
“Eric, I used several of your techniques from the Time to Teach training, I can’t believe how easy this was and how I was able to calm my class down and really, calm myself down. It’s been two years since I have honestly considered leaving the teaching field. Now, I love getting back into my classroom, thank you so much!”DonnaHigh School English teacher, Ohio
“Wow! An amazing seminar! Eric’s energy and expertise is fantastic. Where was this teacher when I was in school?”Kenny L.School Leader and Board Member, Salt Lake City
“I was very privileged to hear your presentation at the recent ICP in Toronto. I found it to be very motivating and coming from a dysfunctional education system in South Africa where very little support is offered to the teachers, your ideas have given me new inspiration to work with my children at school. Thanking you in anticipation.”Marina Le RouxCOLIN MANN SCHOOL, Toronto, CA
“My name is David Dodge and I am an elementary principal in Kingston, Ontario. I had the great fortune of attending your workshop at the ICP conference entitled « Held Hostage by Bad Behaviour? Help your Teachers Rescue their Classrooms » at the ICP conference in Toronto just recently. Although I was able to take notes, your PowerPoint presentation was extremely well done. I’m starting at a new school and found that some of the suggestions you have will come in very handy for the new teachers starting here in September. Again, thank you for offering such a practical workshop.”David Dodge, elementary principalKingston, Ontario
“Recently I had the pleasure of attending your workshop during the ICP in Toronto. I thoroughly enjoyed your approach and would like to share it with my staff.”Dawn Lefort, PrincipalKloof High School, South Africa
“I truly enjoyed your presentation at ICP today. Actually, my colleague and I were talking and we both think the topic you presented and the way in which you presented would have made for an excellent keynote for all the delegates.”René Gaudreau, EAO, DirecteurÉcole catholique, Timmins, ON

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