School Safety – Are we doing enough?

Posted by on March 19, 2019

Common sense safety and security for schools – more than active shooter drills!

In the age of seemingly increasing gun violence in schools, we are seeing more and more solutions addressing that one issue, but the problem is, school face many more issues and the probability that a bomb threat, shelter in place or dealing with other violent individuals is much greater.

Schools need a method of planning that incorporates all possible threats they may encounter. That is why every school needs its own site based plan because all schools face diverse types of threat possibilities. They also need to be able to defend their own rationale for their planned responses to each threat.

If you are interested in developing a more encompassing plan, one that considers all the threats your school may face, send me a note and I would love to work with your school and/or district.

After 20 years of military experience in defending or protecting their most valuable assets, from nuclear weapons to presidents, and having more than 12 years experience in public schools as a teacher and administrator, I bring a unique perspective to this process.

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