When was the last time you had Professional Development that directly helped you in the classroom?

Posted by on May 27, 2015

There is a lot of data out there? Has it helped you? That last professional development you had was designed to do what? We’ve seen a plethora of PD sessions designed to tell you the new ways you will be evaluated and judged, or how your students will be tested. It seems like a lot of training opportunities have been simply things that will be done to you and your classroom and not for you.

Consider that PD should also offer strategies and methods to help teachers with their craft, with what is actually going on in the classroom? That’s what my Engagement and Motivation course does. Simple, easy to use strategies (many can be used the next day) to help teachers grab student’s attention and help them to self motivate to become consistent and life long learners.

Interested? Send me an email at eric@ericcombs.com. I would love to talk with you about helping your teachers improve what happens in the classroom!

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